Questions and answers

Does connecting to Unit4 Access Point require an IT-project?

No. If you are an average PC operator you will be up and running in about 30 minutes, assuming your ERP system supports import and export of EHF invoices.

Which ERP systems can use Unit4 Access Point?

If your ERP system supports import and export of EHF invoices you can use Unit4 Access Point.

Who can send me EHF invoices when I'm connected to Unit4 Access Point?

All businesses with an invoicing system that supports EHF and is connected to an access point. This includes all customers of SendRegning's web based invoicing system.

Am I guaranteed that invoices sent through Unit4 Access Point will reach the recipient?

Yes. As an officially approved access point, we are subject to the requirements of service, reliability and security posed by the Norwegian Government through DIFI.

How long does it take for an PEPPOL invoice to reach the receiver when I use Unit4 Access Point?

It depends on how often the recipient reads incoming invoices. This can be compared to e-mail. Transport of invoices between two access points typically takes only a few seconds. It is up to the recipient how often they will read incoming invoices.

I already use another access point, how do I switch to Unit4 Access Point?

Check your terms with the current provider and be sure to terminate your customer relationship. Then order Unit4 Access Point and advise us of which provider you currently use. We will arrange the transfer and send you a confirmation via email when everything is ready.

My business would like support 24/7, is that an option?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.