Connect to Unit4 Access Point

There are several ways to connect to the Unit4 Access Point.

Access to the Unit4 AccessPoint comes as a standard adapter in Norway. Ask your Business World / Agresso contact for details about EHF and Unit4 Access Point.
The standalone client can be run on any platform which supports recent Java versions. It is will be the ideal solution for companies who have little or no programing abilities, or those who want to send and receive thru a server in DMZ.
REST API - code name SREST
The REST API is a HTTP based web service with focus on simplicity. It is recommended for companies that have programming abilities inhouse. Since it use standard XML and HTTP technology you should be able to integrate directly from most programming languages.

Test environment

We have a complete test environment connected to the PEPPOL test-network. In order to test sending and receiving you can create test-account.

  • Test accounts are connected to PEPPOL-SMK test network
  • Do not use same username and password as in production
  • All test URLs start with

Production environment

If you require a production account you can send an email to our sales team to get started. We need:

  • Name of the company
  • Organisation number
  • Postal address
  • Technical contact person (including email and phone)