Mandatory validation of invoicing files

Why did I get email about validation error?

As an PEPPOL AccessPoint we are required to validate all invoicing files. You got this mail because one or more of your invoices recently had an error in them.

When did you start validating?

We have validated sample traffic for some time, and have relied on parties to valdiate by them selves before sending. But from late 2022 we have started to validate all outbound traffic in real-time.

What happens with invalid files - short term?

We will still try to deliver like before. But since receivers are allowed to ignore files with errors there is no guarantee they will accept your non-valid incvoice going forward.

What happens with invalid files going forward?

Some time early 2023 we will have to start rejecting invalid invoice files. We will no longer be able to deliver them and receivers will never get any of your invalid invoices.

How can I fix this issue?

The program you use to create electronic invoices might have to be updated / fixed. Contact the supplier of your invoicing program for updates or assistance.

Where can I see what is wrong with my invoicing files?

You can use DigDirs online validation free of charge to validate your invoicing files.

Do you only validate invoices?

No, we validate all EHF / PEPPOL files, such as Invoices, CrediNotes, Orders etc. All types must be proper validated before sending.

Are there any quick fixes?

Often errors are just minor things you can double-check and avoid yourself when issuing new invoices. Such as a missing reference, a wrong code or some identifcation that is misspelled.

This was all too technical, where can I get more support?

Contact the supplier of you invocing program and point them to this webpage. If you are using a larger ERP systems like UBW/Agresso you probably have a dedicated contact point in your contract. If this doesn't solve you issue, try support on the link below.